Community Café

Joy’s Kitchen

Our community café has operated at our Bromley Road church for many years under the name of ‘TCs’, in view of the many Traidcraft goods it stocked.  Staffed entirely by volunteers, its annual surplus of c. £5,000 was gifted to good causes, most recently to village water projects in Zimbabwe.

When work started in 2018 on our buildings redevelopment and mission project, TCs had to move from the church’s entrance lobby (which became our contractor’s office!) to the Richmond Room in the church halls.   We continued to serve the public there until March 2020, when we had to close altogether with the national lockdown.  When our building project was nearly complete, we started on a new kitchen for the café.  This is now also nearly finished, and we look forward to once again welcoming in customers, this summer.

Our Church Council has decided that our Community Café will now be called Joy’s Kitchen, in honour of Joy Huggett, a long-standing volunteer in the café and a very generous benefactor of our church redevelopment project.

We ran a competition for a new logo for the café, to put on our menus and publicity, and the winning design by Brenda Hotham was developed by a graphic artist within our Bromley Circuit into the logo shown below.  Into the plate idea with the knife and fork has been inserted the quartered red orb, showing that this is a Christian and specifically Methodist enterprise.  Congratulations Brenda!

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