Worship and Activities

Pattern of Worship

Worship is the primary function of our church.  We deeply regret having had to close our churches again this year due to the renewed lockdown, but now we warmly welcome the progressive relaxation of restrictions.

Our Pattern of Worship will respond in line with the Government’s ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ and Methodist Church guidelines; we held our first face-to-face service at Bromley Road on Sunday 18 April, and warmly thank all those who brought Food Bank donations at Easter!  Holy Communion services will resume at Bromley Road from the third Sunday in July.  The Clock House Road congregation will continue with on-line worship for the time being, but move to fortnightly services later in the summer. 

We very much hope that all will keep safe, and that conditions will continue to improve steadily as we move through 2021.


Some Activities are sponsored or led by members of the church on its behalf. These include fellowship and social groups, which will resume as each is able.  Uniformed organisations (Scouts, Guides, Brownies, etc.) re-started from late May.

Our Community Café project ‘Joy’s Kitchen’ at Bromley Road church is keenly working toward re-opening as soon as we can in the summer.

Room Hire

Both church premises offer Room Hire to external organisations at very reasonable rates to help support the local community.

Calendar of Events

The Calendar on this website provides a monthly chart of events by various categories: church services, fellowships, activities of the uniformed groups and those of external hiring organisations.  As lockdown relaxes, we shall be able to populate this more fully.


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